Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AHAE De Ma Fenetre Exhibition

AHAE De Ma Fenetre Exhibition PARIS

LIZ SAYS:  Walking through the Tuileries is always a pleasure, despite the swirling clouds of dust the gravely stone path makes in the dry summer air. But at the moment, it is even more pleasurable than usual. There are posters all over the city, on buses and signs, with brief glimpse of nature and the word Ahae. 
It took several times for me to finally be able to read the ad on the side of the bus, telling me that there was a show in the Tuileries that was made for me. The posters are beautifully compelling.
Finally, there we were, walking our bikes to the temporary structure that housed the exhibit. The building itself hints at what is inside. A quiet comes over me on my way through the entrance. It's as if the light play begins before I even enter. A soft white structure with pale wood and frosted white plastic, not quite a permanent structure not quite a tent.
Once inside, the large to huge photos immediately took my breath away. The sudden 'Pow!' of image and color break the soft white calm of the entrance.
The photos are around 3-6' to so huge I begin to wonder "How did he do  that?"
The wall text tells of the Korean photographer who took one million photos out of one window over a period of three years.
Admittedly, some of the photos are very, as Dick pointed out, postcard-y, but the entirety of the exhibition and the staging of the space are sublime. There are several rooms, one with a scrim over the huge skylight that filters and distributes the light just so.
I have to say, I was also amazed at the photos that seemed immediately familiar. It's as if these things were in the zeitgeist. I had taken the same photos from my station in the universe. I understood the clouds in the skies and the ripples in the water. That was fantastic, to feel in sympathy with the images which filled my eyes. It was beautiful and precious.
I will let some of the images speak for themselves. All I can add is that must have been one helluva window.

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