Friday, October 28, 2011

Later That Day

LIZSAYS: We were starving, so we decided to stop at a place that we had always between curious about. It had great art deco lettering and was right across from the Senat and the Luxembourg Gardens. 
We took a glance and 'poulet roti' (roast chicken) was on the menu, so I was seated before Dick could lock up the bikes.

It turned out to be a sweet place, with all the charm of a trad bistro. The waitress's face cracked when she heard my French, but she played along and let me order with dignity. Evidently, it was a chow spot for big shots or at least their drivers, because a limo (blackened windowed sedan) pulled up and sat there with the motor running the whole time. It was comic because his radio was on loudspeaker, so the whole time we  were being treated to all the commentary between him and his workmates, controller, buds, or whatever. The talking limo was amusing. 
But, the killer shot was just to the right. A Chanel rugby ball! That's right! It was too too. So, I'm trying to take the shot, when a guy walks out of the cafe with his coffee. He was charmed, he gleamed at that someone who had taken his photo. He kept looking at me and I became embarrassed. "What does this guy want?". Uh, Dick, this guy keeps looking at me, what should I do?
Yeah, okay, so so much for vanity. He wanted a copy of the photo! He was a Swiss tourist who so wanted a candid photo of himself on vacation in Paris. He gave me his email address and "would I please send him a copy of the photo?"
Okay, so I'm not as cute as I thought but, hey, it's easy to make someone's day in Paris.

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