Friday, October 18, 2013

ADE Conference Festival

LIZ SAYS: When something happens in Paris, it mostly happens in one part if the city or another. In my experience, unless its a protest, it won't engulf the entire city. For example, during fashion week, we may see tents going up in areas that are already doused in tourists, and we may see more funny outfits than usual and tons more glittery orange faces with new hats, but its not like we are sitting in a local bar watching Galliano railing and Lagerfeld profiling while America's Next Top Model glints at a bistro. 
Amsterdam on the other hand, commits the entire civil service to an event. This weekend ADE conference/festival is the current example. The yellow and black color theme of the event is on flags and signs all over the newly constructed temporary building in our nearest plien. Every dj, producer and musician, if there are musicians, is welcomed with a blown up fantasy of thumping bumping, branded funtime. It would be easy for me to think that a rainbow graffiti covered version of the 1980's had returned. its all sorta punk, sorta street.
But, its still daylight, the fun begins tonight!

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